Flower Printer SP-F06B2

Flower printer Eget can print pictures, photos on 3 flowers at one time.

1 Flower printer Eget 

2 Holder for 3 flowers

3 Business Plan (electronic) 

4 Video Tutorial on using the printer. 

5 coat for flowers 2pcs. 60 ml. 

6 color ink cartridge - 1 piece 

7 Disc with models of flowers image 

8 CD with drivers and software for the printer 

9 Business cards (electronic) 

10 Billboards (electronic) 

11 Flyers (electronic) 

12. Catalog  - 1 pc. (Print View) 

13 Identity of our company (electronic) 

14 Additional picture (electronic) 

15 Variants of equipment and racks (electronic), designs and projects.


Flower printer Eget have very good quality


Any colors flowerr printer: GREY, BLUE, RED, PINK 


Printer Specifications: 

1 Size: 430mm * 280mm * 250mm 

2 Power: 20W 

3 Net Weight: 3.5kgs 

4 Input voltage: 220V or 110V 

5. 1.3 million. Camera with high resolution. 

Print quality 4800dpi. 

6 This operative photo-shooting 

7 The ability to edit text and images 

8 Fast drying and waterproof 

9 Automatic settings for printing on nails. 

10 Automatic settings flower holder 

11 Portable, fashionable in a plastic housing. 

12 Gross Weight: 10.5kgs 

13 Packing size: 598mm * 346mm * 334mm 

Hardware requirements: any with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP.

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