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The process of drawing on nails for nail printer 
For natural nails:
1. Apply a special nail coat.

2. Dry the nails on a special dryer. The drying time depends on the quality of the nails and the dryer capacity. This usually takes from 1 minute to 5 minutes.

3. Select the catalog design for nails (or design brings a client) and print to the printer design for nails 
4. If the customer wants to consolidate the image of a long time, then fixed with a special finish.

The process of drawing to the printer for nails for artificial nails 


Apply a special gel on nails iskusstvennnye. Paragraph №1 for ordinary nails. 

Use a cradle:

Dry, then choose the design and type. 

Just to help the drawing, which shows how to properly wear protective gum on the cuticle, if required, and the client requires.


With our printers we made ​​happy about 1 million. Women in different countries and cities. 

We use only the direct printing printing on nails. 

Now the problem of expensive nail art is solved!


The software already includes over 3,000 drawings for nails, and you can create drawings and upload them to the gallery itself. Our company has developed a special Russian galleries polish. Everyone who has purchased a printer for nails blessed many women.

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Malfunction: Imaging is not clear 

Root Cause: Camera focal length is inappropriate 

Solutions: Rotating camera lens, adjust the focus (sometimes the focus need to be adjusted due to shake or bumpiness during transportation.)


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How to distinguish the old from the new printer Eget.

Very easy to distinguish the old printer for nails from the new printer.

Just look at the hole where the cartridge is inserted. Recall the new printer Eget produced by HP. Old printer based on Lexmark. In the photo to the topic - Internal new printer Eget based hp

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Malfunction: The printer cannot be found

Root Cause: The printer driver is not installed

Solutions: Install the printer driver with CD, and the printer should be turned on before the driver is installed. Insert the printer USB into the computer socket and there will be new hardware found prompted. Click cancel to continue installation. 

or  Root Cause: Printer hardware not found


1) Need to reinsert the printer USD or change to another USB socket

2)Replace a new printer USB if it’s damaged



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